84 Girard Avenue

84 Girard Avenue Structure Fire

At 00:44, Fire District 3 was toned out to the area of Easton Ave and Girard Ave for a smoke condition. Car 27 arrived in the area and with Patrol was checking the area with nothing evident. While checking the house on the corner of Easton and Girard, Franklin Police got a call for smoke on the next street over on Hillcrest Avenue. Another call came from a resident stating the fire was behind 84 Hillcrest and that it was possibly 84 Girard and that the front door was on fire. Car 27 and Engine 253 arrived to heavy fire showing from a 1 &1/2 story wood frame.
Engine 253 stretched a 200’ 2” attack line to the front door. Multiple gas explosions took place as the fire was gas fed from the meter. Engine 251 arrived and secured Engine 253’s water supply which had been hand stretched to the hydrant. Engine 272’s crew stretched a second line off 253. Ladder 27 arrived and took the front of the building and it’s crew assisted with fire suppression. Rescue 25 arrived and its crew took the roof via Ladder 27 to vent the roof. Middlebush Engine 441 arrived and stretched a 3rd line. A 4th line, a 2&1/2 was operated on the bravo side by New Brunswick Engine. Rescue 56 and Utility 56 operated as the RIC.
Companies cleared just after 4 AM. Great job to all who responded and our mutual aid companies on scene and on cover. The scene was turned over to FTFP for investigation. Units on Scene from Station 27 were Car 27, Car 272, Ladder 27, Engine 2, Engine 272 Utility 27 and Utility 272.

Audio from the fire —