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Early Tuesday morning Andrew Scroggy Sabo passed away after a short battle with illness. Scroggys lifetime of contributions to East Franklin will be dearly missed. Joining in 1952 we can only image the countless number of lives Scroggy must have touched serving as a volunteer in this community. Asked about what it was like before most of us were born he would affectionately tell stories of driving the old Studebaker and charging into buildings wearing nothing but a rubber jacket. In recent years Scroggy was not able to ride on the trucks but it did not deter him from being an important part of day-to-day department operations. At the time of his passing Scroggy was number 3 on the top ten responders list and had responded to over 260 fire calls during the year 2004. Earning the title of Watch Commander he made sure we all got in and out of the firehouse safely for calls. He could be counted on to arrive ahead of other members and warm up an engine and he frequently would shout out directions right or wrong for drivers as they hopped on the truck. Scroggys commitment to his family commitment his brother firefighters and commitment to his community is a testament to the kindness and warmth that was in his heart. His loss leaves an empty place in our firehouse and in our hearts. Our commitment is that we will never ever forget him.