On Saturday January 29th the Department installed their 2005 Fire Line and Administration Officers during a gala affair. The evening began with a warm welcome from Chief Dan Krushinski President Jack Ritterson and the Master of Ceremonies George Wade. Following an introduction of the invited guests which included Honorary Member Rick Agin President Agin Sign Company Board of Fire Commissioners Fire District 1 Chairman Robert Scheer and Board of Fire Commissioners Fire District 3 Commissioner Vincent Inzano certificates of appreciation were presented to our mutual aid companies. The mutual aid companies were well represented with ranking officers from each department including Chief Bill Cullen of Elizabeth Avenue Fire Company Chief Keith Silverman and Deputy Chief Mike Lesik from Somerset Fire and Rescue Company Deputy Chief Larry Thiel and Captain Mike McCann from Highland Park Fire Department Captain Sherrod Middleton from Community Fire Company and Deputy Chiefs Frank Toia and Bill Bradley from New Brunswick Fire Department. After recognizing the support received from our mutual aid companies attendees were entertained with a 26-minute slide show set to music. Since the slide show will soon be available on this site we wont divulge too much other than to say members both young and old enjoyed it. Following a short break for a very tasty dinner the program resumed with the presentation of the 2004 service awards. To kick off the awards ceremony Deputy Chief Bill Bradley provided a very moving keynote speech that touched upon the brotherhood of the fire service and the strong bond between the New Brunswick and East Franklin Fire Departments. First up were the top ten responders for 2004 of special note during this part of the program Michael Reinbeck Jr. accepted the award for the 2004 Number Five Responder for his grandfather Andy Sabo. Michaels parents were on-hand to witness this honor Michael and Jennifer Sabo Reinbeck. After recognizing the top ten responders the Firefighter and Fire Officer of the Year awards were presented to Foreman Ed Glover and Captain Wells Wilson respectively. The Vincent J. Sidotti Outstanding Service Award and the Lou Agg Jr. Spirit of Volunteerism Award awarded in memory of two highly dedicated members of the department were the next awards to be presented. Receipt of these high honors was a family affair this year as Jason Skinner received the Sidotti award and Jamie Skinner received the Agg award.Finally the 2005 officers for both the Fire Department and the Ladies Auxiliary were sworn into office with the oath of office being administered by Past Chief J. Gary Howarth. Of special note was the opportunity to watch history in the making as for the first time a chief took the oath of office for a fifth consecutive term. With his wife Lisa by his side Dan Krushinski was sworn in for his fifth term as Chief of the Department.To round out the evening the Ladies Auxiliary recently reorganized in October 2004 presented the Department with a popcorn machine for the Veros Room. On the front of the machine is the following dedication To All Of Our Men Thank You From Your Ladies 2005. Ladies we thank you.