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On December 29th, Fire District 3 was dispatched to a reported house fire at 70 Arden Street. While Chief 27 was en route, he was notified by Foreman Lessard of a working fire at that location. Chief 27 requested a first alarm to be transmitted for the working fire. While en route to the firehouse, Captain 25-1 stopped and gave an update and confirmed a working fire.

Engine 27 with a crew of 4 arrived on location and stretched a 1-3/4 hand line to the front door. Chief 27 arrived and took command and requested a second alarm be transmitted for additional manpower. Reports were relayed that a person was heard yelling and banging on a window in the house by a person driving by to the dispatch center prior to the arrival of the Fire Department. The neighbor confirmed that someone was in the house.

Ladder 25 arrived and the crew set up and went to the roof to ventilate the B/C side of the roof. The crew from 44-1 took a 2nd line into the house to assist with suppression and search of the house. The crew from New Brunswick E-5 arrived and assisted in search of the fire floor and second floor. Ladder 27 arrived on the A side and started working on cutting the garage door with Captain 25-1 while the Crew from E-253 went and vented the A/D side roof since Ladder 25 reported that the B/C side was sagging and unsafe to be on. Engine 272 arrived on the scene and the crew went to work on the garage door trying to assist getting it open.

The Crews were able to get it open and locate the victim in the garage area, remove her and immediately start CPR until she was turned over to EMS and rushed to RWJH .

The fire was brought under control in 45 minutes and units stayed on scene for overhaul.

Units on scene were Chief 27, Car 272, Car 273, U-27, U-272, Ladder 27, Squad 27, Eng-27, Eng-272, Ladder 25, Eng-253, Car 56, Rescue 56 as the RIC Team, Car 44, Eng-441, North Brunswick Truck 209, North Brunswick & Milltown EMS for rehab.

Thank you to the Mutual Aid Companies that covered District 3 — Finderne, Bound Brook, New Market & South Bound Brook Fire Departments. The fire is under investigation by Franklin Twp. Fire Prevention.