Last night at 8:47 PM, District 3 was toned out to Byron Place for a reported stove fire. Car 25, Car 252, and Engine 253 with a crew of 4 all arrived simultaneously. Deputy 25 reported black smoke showing from the second floor windows and instructed Engine 253 to stretch a line. Car 25 was command and requested RIC from Somerset Fire & Rescue Station 56. A/C 27 was Operations. The crew of Engine 253 stretched a 200’ 2” preconnect to the second floor. The crew quickly located and knocked a kitchen fire. Deputy 25 began a primary search and ventilation. Ladder 27 arrived second due. The crew from Ladder 27 laddered the alpha side with ground ladders, began clearing windows to improve conditions on the second floor, and opening up the fire room with Engine 253’s crew. The fire was held with tank water and confined to the kitchen with no extension. The scene was turned over to the Franklin Township Fire Prevention Bureau. Additional units on scene were Car 27, Car 272, Car 273, Engine 272, Utility 27, Car 56, Rescue 56. Good stop to the companies on scene.

Thank you Kyle Mosier for the photos.


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