Early Morning Oven/Stove Fire on Whittier Avenue

On Tuesday, January 9th, 2024 at approximately 0338 hrs Franklin Twp. Fire District #3 was dispatched to a residential dwelling on Whittier Avenue, for a report of a stove fire possibly extinguished.

Car 27 arrived, established command and requested the 1st Due Engine to investigate the area of the Kitchen. Engine 253 arrived, and Deputy 25 checked the area with a thermal imaging camera, confirming the fire was extinguished.

Ladder 27 arrived next, assisting with the check for extension and provided ventilation of the building.

The power was secured to the stove/oven and the scene was turned over to Franklin Twp Fire Prevention. Additional units on scene were Engine 27, Car 273, and Car 274.

One resident was taken to the hospital, to be evaluated for smoke inhalation. Fire District #3 units cleared the scene within approximately 45 minutes.

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