EFFD’s Monthly Department Drill-Tactical Response to Natural Gas Emergencies

On Sunday, November 5th, 2023 the East Franklin Fire Department held our monthly departmental drill. This month based on the change of weather from spring to fall, and winter not too far behind it, we covered Tactical Responses to Natural Gas Emergencies.

Chief Jerry Knapp from Rockland County, NY is known nationwide for giving this training. He keeps it real by providing not only his knowledge of the subject, but some of his real world experience and best practices on how to approach these kinds of emergencies and reading the meters properly.

Members got a chance to experience the utilization of the explosion box, along with a small scaled down model of Rockland County’s natural gas training ground “Leak Street” and not only learned on the lecture side, but the hands on side.

Chief Knapp is the Chief of his volunteer fire department in West Haverstraw, NY and is the Chief of the Rockland County NY Hazmat Team. Thank you for passing on your knowledge to us, we all learned a lot from this top notch training session!