While responding to a reported gas leak on Sunday morning Engine 2 was involved in a minor accident at the intersection of Pinegrove Avenue and Highland Avenue. While driver Jason Skinner was approaching the intersection on Pinegrove he spotted a truck that was making a very wide right onto Pingrove from Highland Avenue and that clearly did not see Engine 2 approaching. Attempting to avoid a collision with the oncoming truck Skinner moved as far right as he could in the street and the front strobe of the engine caught the front of an illegally parked car. The illegally parked car was in a yellow zone while the owner of the car was attending a sports game in a nearby field. The car was found to be uninsured and was ticketed and towed. All East Franklin members were wearing their seatbelts and were unharmed in the accident. This week Engine 2 went out for routine maintenance and will have the strobe light and diamond plate that was scraped in the accident repaired.