Today, at 1:41 PM Fire District 3 was dispatched to 656 Franklin Blvd. for a report of a fire in the laundromat. Car 252 requested Station 56 for RIC to respond to the scene.

While enroute, Franklin Police reported patrol had smoke on arrival. Car 27 requested New Brunswick for one engine to respond to the scene as well. Car 27 arrived and reported a working fire in the laundromat and requested a second alarm.

Engine 253 and Engine 272 arrived together and Engine 253 was designated as the attack, and Engine 272 dropped off its crew and dropped a supply line. DC 25 with the crew from 253 & 272 orchestrated an interior attack through the front door and were met with heavy fire from front to back and in the ceiling.

New Brunswick Eng-1 arrived and took the second line in the front door to assist the first crews inside. Ladder 25 arrived and went to work venting the roof of the building. Engine 27 & 441 arrived and the crews pulled a third line and went in the B side entrance to assist with fire control in the building. Engine 562 arrived and was split up half RIC and ventilation of the B side windows. Soon after other units arrived a fourth line was pulled into the car wash and the walls and ceiling were opened up. The fire was under control in about 45 minutes and was a hard fought stubborn fire with crews having to work under the conditions of the entire drop ceiling coming down and all the wires hanging down in the building and the firefighters getting caught in them. Finderne R-30 was on scene as our second RIC and also assisted with the filling of bottles. Bound Brook Squad 23 and Car 23 were also on scene.

Thank you everyone who assisted and you all did a great job holding the fire to the laundromat and only some damage to the car wash! Units on scene were Car 27, Car 272, Car 273, Car 275, Ladder 27, Engine 27, Engine 272, Squad 27, Utility 272, Car 25, Car 252, Ladder 25, Engine 251, Engine 253, Engine 441, Engine 562, NBVFD #3, NBFD Engine 1 and Ladder 1, Squad 23, Car 23, Car 56, Car 44, Rescue 30, EMS MAB from NBFAS, Franklin Fire Prevention and Somerset County Fire & EMS MAC Coordinators.

Thank you to our standby companies — New Market, Franklin Park, Elizabeth Avenue, Millstone Valley and South Bound Brook. Green Brook (33) also stood by at Station 56.

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