Late Friday afternoon at 5:24 PM, District 3 was alerted via a 911 call from a resident reporting their house was on fire.

Car 27 called enroute and requested Station 56 for a RIC team. Deputy 25 arrived on location and reported smoke showing from the garage of a two and a half story wood frame and requested a first alarm. Car 27 arrived and assumed command and Deputy 25 assumed the role of Interior Officer.

Ladder 27 arrived on location and the crew stretched a 1.75 hand line and went interior from a door on the D side of the house with Deputy 25. Deputy 27 arrived and put the ladder up to the roof for ventilation for the interior crew . Engine 253 arrived and dropped a feeder to Ladder 27. Chief 25 arrived and was tasked with operations of the fire ground. Asst. Chief 27 arrived and pulled a back up line and went into the main part of the house with the crew from Engine 253 to check for extension. Ladder 25 arrived and the crew went to the roof and ventilated above the fire room. Engine 272 arrived and the crew assisted with overhaul and ventilation. Squad 27 arrived and the crew was tasked with checking for extension on the second floor. Engine 27 and 251 arrived and were assigned to to the manpower pool. Car 56 on arrival assisted with forcing the door before Rescue 56 arrived and was set up on the front lawn as RIC. Car 274 was set up on the street as Accountability of the fire scene.

The fire was quickly contained to the rooms of the garage that were turned into a TV room and office. Special thanks to Station 44 ,23 and 30 for standing by for us. Great stop by the first arriving companies on scene for containing the fire to just that area. The fire is under investigation by the Franklin Township Fire Prevention Bureau.

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