At 1:53 AM today District 3 was alerted to a report of a garage fire in the area of Dutton and West Point Ave. While signing in service Car 252 requested Station 56 for RIC to be dispatched. Ladder 27 arrived on Dutton St being directed by PD and reported a working fire off the roadway and would be stretching a long lay. Car 27 arrived and units were redirected to the area of 315 West Point Ave and confirmed a working fire reporting multiple large sheds on fire and units were going to have to gain access in between 2 houses.

The crew from Ladder 27 pulled a 300 foot 1.75” hand line and started to knock down the fire. Engine 253 arrived and got a supply for Ladder 27. A second line was pulled off Ladder 27 and operated by DC 25, AC 27 and AC 25. Engine 272 arrived and the crew went to work opening up the sheds and pulling debris out. Ladder 25 arrived and the crew assisted with lighting and overhaul on scene.

The fire was under control in about 20 minutes the Crew from Rescue 56 stood by as the RIC. Crews remained on scene to overhaul and wait for the Franklin Township Fire Inspector to complete his investigation.

Units on scene were Car 27, Car 272, Car 273, Car 274, Ladder 27, Engine 272, Car 25, A/C 25, Car 56, and Rescue 56.

Thank you to Middlebush FD, Bound Brook FD, Finderne FD and River Road FD. Great job by everyone on scene.


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