Top Ten Responders for June 2024

The East Franklin Fire Department responded to a total of 70 Calls for Service in the Month of June. The top ten responders are as follows:
1. Chief Dan Krushinski: 69
2. Foreman Adam Moore: 56
3. Foreman Jesse Rosario: 51
4. A.C. Ray Quabeck: 50
5. D.C. Rob Mattei: 45
6. Lt. Anthony Johnson: 44
6. Capt. Rob Jolly: 44
6. Lt. Bernie Marquez: 44
7. Junior FF Peyton Malave: 42
8. Engineer Joe Inzirillo: 38
9. Firefighter Jen Perez: 35
10. Acct. Officer Chris Fischer: 34

Thank you to all those who responded and gave their time/efforts to the residents and commuting public of Franklin Twp. Fire District #3 and surrounding mutual aid jurisdictions we respond to. Thank you to the family and loved ones of the firefighters who allow them to volunteer their time!

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